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Schlossgarten Andernach

The edible town

Feel free to pick our produce

Public parks are for everybody! Therefore the town of Andernach is breaking new ground with the concept of a multifunctional “edible town”. Green areas all over town are being used to grow edible plants which, when ripe, can be picked and eaten by the public. And the citizens are motivated to engage more and more in the green spaces of their hometown. The cultivation of useful plants on public areas brings nature back into the town . It’s practical and promotes healthy living. Vegetables such as beans and carrots, fruit and berries, espalier fruit and culinary herbs look good and taste good. Elsewhere it is “Keep off the grass” , but in Andernach it is “Picking is encouraged – help yourself”. The cultivation of both regional and less common plants strengthens local civic pride and supports urban biodiversity.

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