Alter Krahnen Andernach
Schlossgarten Andernach

Tourism in Andernach

Due to its history of more than 2,000 years, Andernach has a lot to tell. Stunning sights like the 56 m tall "Runde Turm" (round tower), Mariendom (Cathedral of Mary), the old crane on the Rhine River front, the Mikveh or the well preserved town wall are waiting for your exploration during one of our guided city tours.


Andernach is an attractive town in the Middle Rhine Valley, it lies just where the river Rhine meets the area known as the Eifel.

All-inclusive offers

A perfect arrangement for cultural tourists, wine lovers and friends of our romantic Middle Rhine Valley.

Guided tours

Discover the history and sights of the geyser town of Andernach with a theme-based or an adventure guided tour.